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Our web site's "face lift" is complete. The original content has been copied forward. New content is being added on a weekly basis.

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31st July 2013

Welcome to Highbury Area Band


We are the Highbury Area Band, affectionately known as HAB, and we offer an exciting and vibrant playing experience for all wind players who want to be in a DIFFERENT kind of band.We meet every Wednesday night in term time at Fort Widley, where we have permanent accommodation deep in the fort.

We play everything - movie themes, classical, swing , jazz, symphonic rock , military marches - and we have  a fabulous reputation for quality musicianship. But that doesn't mean to say you have to be a musical genius to join! Sitting alongside our young people, professional and experienced musicians play in the band, and gladly share their expertise and experience for free. We look after our band members and help them to be the musicians they have always wanted to be!